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Welcome to the website devoted to the groundbreaking, history-making, record-setting Miracle Strip Amusement Park of Panama City Beach, Florida. Once the pride of the beachside burg and a testament to the appeal of old-fashioned carnival fun, Miracle Strip survived for 40 years and even enjoyed a brief resurrection in the face of changing times in the 2010s. At MS-pp.com, we’re dedicated to the spirit of the old Miracle Strip and to amusement parks everywhere today. Check out the pages of this website for information on topics including the following.

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You love to remember the classic Miracle Strip Amusement Park

At its peak- Miracle Strip Amusement Park was a thriving park and popular destination for families in search of a day out. First opened in 1963 in Panama City Florida with a truly unique star attraction which was the Starliner Roller coaster, as well as a host of other rides that were typically found in small parks of this type. This is (without saying) the sad story of how this once popular theme park became part of the Panama City heritage, to its eventual closing in 2003 and then being moved just 200 feet away in a re-boot of the original park rides- and then finally closing again 2015.

Just Why Did Miracle Strip Close?

Back in 1963 the Starliner, Miracle strip's flagship ride was Florida's first coaster. In the beginning a lot of debts were incurred due to rents and the building of rides, however as the park began to grow, eventually these debts were paid off and the park began to flourish. With 41 years and 20 million visitors later, it was announced that 2003 would be the last year for the park. Billy Lark the previous owner cited in 2004- the reason for the parks closure was due to declining interest, lack of ticket sales and an increase in expenses. The land was sold to developers who intended to build condos called “Miracle Condos”, however this never happened. In March of 2010, Jenny and Teddy Meeks purchased a carousel from the storage at the ‘old’ Miracle Strip location and just 200 feet away opened this one single ride at Pier Park, because as Teddy said “I thought they need something out here for the kids" Success was quick and the Meeks added more rides, something which the land owners Simon Group Properties were very pleased with. Eventually the Meeks pulled more rides out of storage as the park become more popular and Miracle Strip officially had a new lease of life.

Unfortunately the newly renovated Miracle Strip Pier Park closed its doors in 2015 once again, as the land owner sought to evict them for unpaid rents; during this time the Meeks had permission to build a panoramic wheel, but time was running out as the wolves were already at the door. Around this time the Meeks became embroiled in a dispute over another park “Pier Park Rides" which was to be built on their doorstep, to which permission was eventually given.

What Are Most Remembered Classic Rides At Miracle Strip?

Obviously the Starliner will be the most remembered ride, along with the Abominable Snowman featuring an Eli Bridge Scrambler, Dante's Inferno which offered a journey inside a covered dome in a classic Chance Trabant featuring light and smoke effects, The Dungeon which was a Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl and The Haunted Castle which featured a classic U-Turn two-seater electric track car inside a campy haunted house.

Find Out Where The Miracle Strip Rides Got Relocated To?

Many of the Miracle Strip rides met fates after the initial closing. Some went to other theme parks such as the Starliner at Busch Gardens in Florida, and around the USA, others were kept in storage, and some were left abandoned at the original location. In many cases they were demolished but not all of them. We’ve found out where they are now, and you won’t believe how they look now !

What Made Miracle Strip So Attractive- Anyway?

Miracle Strip and other family run parks like it, that are not run by global corporations have a certain magical and nostalgic touch that you simply won't find in parks like Disneyland. The park itself becomes part of the community and it's where lasting memories are made for some families. Yes Disneyland and the like does have its place but with a park like Miracle Strip- it's simply different kind of special. We follow the journey down memory lane to rediscover what memories are really made of when it comes to Miracle Strip Amusement Park. We love this park.

Remembering Miracle Strip Amusement Park

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