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On board, he had a full-time crew of more than 200 who performed everything from gambling to catering. The line's most famous ship was the Star Princess, which had a maximum of five guests (including the president of the Bahamas) and was a luxury liner. For the wealthy and famous, it had a luxurious interior and the ability to be customized for every client. The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood also has a very good poker room at their entertainment facility. Some of SunCruz Casinos' ships were equipped with state-of-the-art casino facilities that were almost unbelievable to the eyes.

Suncruz Casino Port Canaveral

Suncruz Casino Port Canaveral

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SunCruz Casinos

SunCruz Casinos was one of many cruise lines that offered "cruises to nowhere," legally transporting passengers into international waters beyond the reach of federal and state gambling laws. Four ships operated out of four ports including Jacksonville, Key Largo, Myrtle Beach, and Port Canaveral.

As a member of the SunCruz Casinos board, David Boulis was privy to a variety of secret, and even illegal, information, including the location and performance of the ships' "horses" on the Grand Bahama resort and casino. The king's private yacht was owned by a private company called Boulis and Company, run by David Boulis. The Victory Casino Center - in Jacksonville, it's a nice location. just look at the map). In the Bahamas, Boulis is the owner of SunCruz Casinos.

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    Gambling cruises were once a popular tourist activity in Florida, but competition from land-based casinos drove many out of business. In 2009, the global recession put Jacksonville's last casino cruise company, SunCruz, into bankruptcy. However, in fall 2010, a new venture launched -- the Jacks or Better Casino boat .

The most luxurious ship was also an important member of the SunCruz Casinos board. When Boulis sold the casino to Donald Trump, he did the most powerful thing a casino mogul could do: He gave the newly minted billionaire control of the ship. As a former employee of SunCruz Casinos, I know this to be the biggest betrayal of trust of an individual in the history of the casino industry. Hard Rock Tampa is not just any other corporate headquarters and it has some very unique features. With respect to the yacht trip, the President made Boulis and Company the highest bidder, paying $30 million per seat for the right to use the ship.

This was the largest payment ever made to any board member, and is thought to be the single most valuable piece of information Boulis ever gave to the media. At the time, Boulis called the purchase worth somewhere around $120 million. The One Card Blackjack table game is now available to pre-order from Seminole Hard Rock. The deal was broken down into the dollar value of each seat on the boat, and that amount is thought to be more than half of the nearly $60 million in sales for the SunCruz.

This was the highest-profile acquisition for Boulis, and the largest private transaction ever in his brief career with Atlantic City casino magnate, Donald J. Trump, and the SunCruz. Disney Dream Cruise Line, Orlando, Fla. With the sale of the Star Princess to Donald Trump, David Boulis and his company made billions in profit for Atlantic City casino magnate, Donald J. Trump. The sale of the yacht was at the time the biggest private acquisition ever in the history of Atlantic City, and is believed to make Boulis one of the richest people who ever lived. The Star Princess was an important member of the board of the SunCruz Casinos, and at the time of its sale and purchase, Boulis, David and several of their top executives were traveling in South Atlantic waters.

In March of 2002 — five days before the SunCruz was supposed to be sold to Donald Trump — Donald Trump was on the phone to I. M. CEO, Andy Grove. It was the day after Donald Trump had been elected president of the United States and was on his way outoffice. At that point, David Boulis and the SunCruz were ready to sell.

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