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In addition, we suggest using the mobile interface, which is compatible with almost any iPad and iPhone in the store (iPhone 4 and newer). The Mermaid's Diamond Bonus Games will require the Mermaid's Diamond in your inventory, but as we are giving away five reels in one bonus game, you will have to hold three. The Mermaid Queen Slots games have a very short time frame of around 30 seconds in the game. It is recommended that you do this during the Mermaid's Diamond Bonus Games!

You will need to play and lose all of the Diamond Bonus Games, and all Diamond Bonus Games will be given for free, including the special bonus games with additional reels to win; these are not required from the Mermaid's Diamond Bonus Games. You will need to pay $10 cash for each bonus game win, and then you will get five reels in that prize and free spins for each game you have won. Mermaid Millions is no longer being developed, but will continue to be a game for many to remember for ages to come! These bonus games are given by placing reels in them, and the amount of free spins awarded for each win depends on your current state of play (so if you win 20 games and still have 20 free spins each time you win, you will only get 5 reels). If the Mermaid's Diamond bonus games are all your favorites, and you have the most wins yet, then do your best to finish as high as possible.

Mermaid's Diamond is a 5-reel, 50-payline slot machine game

There is also a bonus reward for reaching 20 Diamond Bonus Games, if you are lucky, this could take you to the 5-run mark that will allow you to win the entire Mermaid's Diamond Bonus Games! You won't earn as many chances to get the Mermaid's Diamond bonus games as you would in most places, if that's true, this is simply because we have put in the minimum bonus games, which means that if you haven't already, you won't have to compete hard to get as many Diamond Bonus Games as you otherwise would have. The Mermaid Slot Games come in a variety of different sizes. You will also be able to use special Bonus Games, with additional reels to win, if you earn all 15 of the Mermaid's Diamond Bonus Games, you will be rewarded with all 15 reels in that game, as well as the extra reels to earn with your highest score.

Mermaid's Diamond Slot Machine

Note to players who have lost some of a bonus game to take advantage of the bonus spins: we recommend that you return and play it again, and try to win as many of your remaining bonus games as you can, otherwise, you will not be able to earn more Diamond Bonus Games as you would otherwise have. The bonus games still need to be won. Enchanted Mermaid is the newest slot machine from NextGen Games Company, which was released last November 2013. Additionally, Mermaid's Diamond bonus games use the regular Mermaid's Diamond rules, but these are a little more flexible. As noted above, the game uses a reels-to-win system.

As you can see in the bonus graphics above, the game starts when each player gets five reels in one bonus game, and then after each play wins five reels in that bonus game, the game ends. So, as long as you have earned all 15 of the bonus games and have completed all Bonus Games to earn more Diamond Bonus Games, your first game of Mermaid's Diamond will end with you with exactly 15 reels in each reels that you have, as you are already going to have 15 Diamond Bonus Games, so you can play and lose all of them. If you have lost two bonus games but don't want to lose any, this is where you can pick up some of the leftover Diamond Bonus Games from a previous play that won you three reels, and get them in some of the Bonus Games that you won with one reels. Royal Panda live casino also offers Bingo, Poker Room and Roulette tables in their casino rooms. After five games you can pick up one more of the bonus cards with this card in your left hand.

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We recommend that you get as many bonus games as you can as soon as possible, especially if you were looking to get the largest possible win and win all 15 rewards.


The game is available on the App Store and Google Play. Mermaid's Diamond was created by Sarah A. Dossie, a member of The Indie Game Industry Research Group and a member of The Game Developers Guild. The game's original concept was inspired by a fan project called The Game of the Seven Stars and was published by Games Workshop in May 2007. Get a Full Guide to Mermaid's Diamond.

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