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Royal Panda is known for it special VIP package: One free play every day during the week, two free play on Saturday and Sunday nights and the chance to take advantage of our exclusive 3,000,000 USD VIP Bonus. The most important and significant attribute of Royal Panda Casino is its large game-playing staff that are equipped by Evolution Gaming with a variety of machines and betting methods. Baccarat Online players won’t have to think twice when choosing where to play baccarat. The VIP package makes a big difference to the daily income generated.

The Royal Panda 《特币内》 has a card slot rate of ¥200 ($2)

There is a total of 4 live casino slots at Royal Panda, including a roulette and blackjack machine that is not found at any other casino in Canada. Royal Panda also offers special daily bonuses, such as 20% more for slots and 12% more if you make 20 entries during the week. Baccarat Payouts's rulebook is being updated. Royal Panda Casino's main features include: It is located in a major tourist district.

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It features several other attractions including a 3D virtual reality simulator, a 3D movie theatre, a movie theater with a 360 degree virtual reality viewing system, 2-D video movies to the right, a sports hall and a huge cinema screen and a hotel restaurant. To make it fun for clients, Royal Panda features a large game board, huge casino table, a huge casino signboard and a wide gameness of gambling machines. Online Roulette Systems is exactly the opposite.

The poker and Roulette are located in the casino. The casino has two big gaming floors called "B" and "E".

Royal Panda live casino plays Texas Hold’‧em live

The biggest game board is called "B" and the roulette will be the "Roulette" floor. The other games that are available at Royal Panda are:-Slight Shot Auto Poker -Slight Shot Auto Blackjack -Slight Shot Auto Three Card Poker -Roulette. A big advantage of the Royal Panda casinos is their special live dealer service. This allows you, the player to talk to and try to earn money from each dealer and try to make all the games you place there.

Royal Panda Live Casino is a dedicated casino based in Hong Kong based in London and is in line with the established rules of both online casinos and the Hong Kong government.

With that special service, you have the opportunity to play Roulette at the Royal Panda casinos. Royal Panda also has other VIP items including special bonuses, VIP tickets, cash and an exclusive VIP room for your stay.

Additional information:

  • How to take advantage of Royal Panda Live Casino here. Royal Panda Live Casino is ready to let you do this with confidence when it comes to Live Casino, it's just get started now. As we have listed, Royal Panda Live Casino does not provide any guarantees, we only provide its customers.

  • Royal Panda has been named a Top Online Gaming Provider by eMarketer (ESG) and ranked Top Poker Online Provider of the Year 2015 by Forbes. If you like the Royal Panda brand you can also see the official website for Royal Panda on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Royal Panda is also available as a free service which enables you to access features for Royal Panda Live Casino, on-line Casino Manager and other game-based casinos across Canada.

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Discover More Than 250 Top Slots Titles!

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