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Diamond Monkey Slot Machine

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In order to get it, one need only pay a small sum of coins. The slot became available by exchanging one coin for 100 or 1000 coins of the same rarity, up to a limit of 1,500 coins as of February 21, 2013. This was done not simply so that Amatic could sell the slot to the players for real money, but in addition to this the slot could be used for promotional purposes. The Monkey Slot uses bananas on its reels in order to score you free games. But as it happened, Amatic didn't manage to get the Diamond Monkey slot to sell very well and in fact the amount of coins was not enough to cover all the costs of the slot.

Diamond Monkey slot is the best of the Diamond Slot machines

As such the slots in general were not as popular as they should have been, even if it wasn't intended, and now they are only available in limited numbers. The Diamond Monkey video slot was a surprise success but it didntake long before some other promotions started to appear. The Mad Slots logo is in red. In a couple of weeks, several images were displayed for the Diamond Monkey slot (see here and here ) and soon more were added. And it wasn't long before the Diamond Monkey slot was listed in the latest Weekly Store Update.

Diamond Monkey slot has variety that would make your mind wander

The Diamond Monkey video slot would soon spread across the community. Over the next few months the number of active slots increased. The Ninja Monkey has been released online for the first time on March 28th 2013. Now Diamond Monkey video slots appear very regularly on the Japanese market.

Diamond Monkey Slot Machine

In addition to the slot being featured frequently, Amatic also released a video featuring Diamond Monkey slots (see below). For some players the Diamond Monkey video slot will be their first introduction into Amatic and will make them interested in checking out their video slot in detail. The Year of the Monkey Slot features 5 lines to play with in the "Year of the Monkey" slot. For others it will be their last introduction to Amatic, a fact that's evident by the high number of Diamond Monkey slot advertisements being displayed in real world stores.

If you are a player that's interested in playing Amatic, Diamond Monkey slot are likely to be your next step. The Diamond Monkey Video Slot works similarly in the way that the other slots work: you need to trade a coin for 100 or 1000 coins. Funky Monkey nonstop instant wins to crazy big wins on the feature reels. In effect Amatic is making it simpler and more transparent for people to discover the Diamond Monkey video slots, especially those who might previously have only heard of the slot.

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If you already have an active slot, the only real way to gain access to Diamond Monkey video slots is to pay a bit more than the amount of coins you need in order to get in. However the Diamond Monkey video slot has its advantages. If you pay a little more you can get the Diamond Monkey video slot with no waiting (at least for now, and you can keep the other slots without having to change slot type. The Diamond Monkey video slot is a popular game slot in Japan and if Amatic makes it available in other territories it will undoubtedly be the top-selling slot in the region.

What do you think of Amatic's Diamond Monkey video slot? How will this affect your gaming habits?

Final thoughts:

  • Add it to your game libraryorder a set for your children so they can play it with friends! All the cards included with this box is exclusive to our collection as a gift! 4.2.1 Diamond monkey slot machine - 5% increase on a random play list score in Diamond monkey slot game.

    3.2.0 Add 3 bonus diamond monkey slots to your collection to create a new bonus game.

  • But the diamond design remained the same – a simple textured backdrop. Diamond Monkey will see a new version in 2018, it appears, thanks to both Diamond Man (or rather, the artist behind it) and his brother (Kirill Kucharskiov) taking the reins to the job.

    At the time, I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be any other way as to bring Amatic games to more platforms that can be played in the virtual world. It's clear that they won't be stopped by other platforms. Maybe you'll be able to save all that time, but I'd rather have a diamond slot than another slot that's too slow – I mean, too unstructured.

  • Since we didn't have many opportunities to test Diamond Monkey in real life until a year after the game's release, the feature was discontinued. Now, Diamond Monkey is available as we think it can be worth its price! As with any feature, Amatic is hoping you're able to learn from it.

  • Learn what it's like to play all 5 slots at once with Diamond Monkey. Visit Diamond Monkey's website to find all the latest information about the casino, Diamond monkeys, the Diamond monkey, all the features and best deals anywhere!

Why go to Vegas when you can bring Vegas to you?
Why go to Vegas when you can bring Vegas to you?

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