Jacksonville Kennel Club

All dogs competing at Jacksonville Kennel Club are checked by handlers for possible physical or mental illness at an appointment prior to the racing season. Please read our information regarding animal quarantine when coming to check for a dog. A small percentage of dogs are vaccinated for rabies, but dogs who are infected with other rabies or are being monitored for other types of rabies will not enter the race. Dogs who are diagnosed with other types of rabies or are being monitored for other types of rabies and are not vaccinated are advised to contact a veterinarian immediately.

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We do not train, control or monitor the running of greyhounds and if at any time a greyhound is found by our staff to be under control we will attempt to get the dogs off. If a greyhound is found in trouble we will call police, who will take them home for medical observation. Jacksonville Kennel Club policy prohibits the practice of running dogs that are under the care of the Kennel Club or other organizations of the Kennel Club. Cars that have been shot by dogs who have been licensed to operate on private property by us or by licensed law enforcement authorities are subject to inspection by our professional inspectors. All dogs and cats are screened for rabies and confirmed for immunization before being offered for entry into the Jacksonville Kennel Club.

Any dogs that are not identified as being at risk of rabies or are receiving treatment are euthanized at the discretion of the Kennel Club. Jacksonville Kennel Club does not discriminate against persons because of age, gender or race, with exceptions for those who have exhibited signs of mental illness or addiction. We will always take measures to protect all the residents involved and will continue to do so. We have an on-going dialogue with community members, residents and other members of society to maintain appropriate levels of tolerance and civility.


Jacksonville Greyhound Racing has been providing a new home to dogs since the spring of 2001. The club is a member of the South Florida Fair Game Control Association and manages the exclusive facility for their dogs, as well as a training facility, a dog park, an exhibit, a kennel, a kitties' nursery, and another large display yard for puppies. The club's dogs are trained by the Kennel Club of Fort Lauderdale, Fla, a community affiliate dedicated to educating the public on the safe and well-known role dogs play in their community. The Kennel Club has been in business for over 70 years and currently has an entire breeding program. For information about Jacksonville Greyhound Racing & Kennel Club email JKRL@jailbellaw.com.
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