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Buy Wish Upon a Jackpot to get the Fairy godmother character out of the reels and to play the slot for 15% of total pay, then it would cost 10,000. The Wish Upon A Jackpot slot is 5-reel 20-payline. The Mirror Mirror Play: Mirror online slot can be used as early as March 24.

The Fairy godmother character comes with either another Fairy godmother or the player himself. The Fairy godmother comes with a random prize, which could be anything from a gold keyblade, to a random armor, a random weapon, a random powerup, a random stat, a random accessory, or even winnings for the current slot holder! The Genie Jackpots Cheats bonus can also be played for as little as £1, for a minimum £1 investment with no extra cost to players. Wish Upon A Jackpot is a 5-reel 20-payline and costs 10,000 or 15% of the base game. Buy Wish Upon A Jackpot to save on Pay-to-Win!

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The Miracle Slot is a 3-reel 10-payline. You'll need to buy it to play Wish Upon A Jackpot. Angel Princess Slot Machine is the new card game designed and produced exclusively for Tabletopia. The Miracle Slot is a 3-reel 10-payline and costs 5,000 or 15%. You'll want to avoid it for the current slot holder!

Wish Upon a Jackpot

These features will cost 10,000. You'll need to buy the Miracle slot, one at a time. You'll see a box next to Miracle slot. Move the box on to Miracle slot and it will drop.

You'll be rewarded with a lottery ticket (see bottom of page). If you are lucky enough that slot is empty, you can take it to the slot and ask it for a Miracle ticket, and you'll pick a randomly chosen ticket. You can even buy the Miracle slot with gold coins instead of playing the slot for money.

Wish Upon a Jackpot currently offers no deposit bonus codes or vouchers, other bonuses may be in the form of free spin or other promotion offers.

But keep in mind that the Miracle slot won't be available during the first 2 weeks. You must leave your slot until it appears.

You can only use it once. If your slot is empty and you get a Miracle ticket from the slot, go back to your slot and ask to use the slot again. You can also buy miracle tickets from the wish shop. As mentioned before, you can only buy in-game miracle tickets through the wish shop, not purchased through the store.

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You can't buy these without having unlocked all of the prizes. And if you've bought more than 1 miracle ticket, you'll need to leave your slot to take the slot again (except after the first 2 weekends) to get them back. Otherwise, you'll need to leave your slots for the Miracle slot to return.


The game will make you smile when you run it in order to get rewards including candy and even free prizes for playing it well as well. Wish Upon a Jackpot will be available to download for free on the Apple or Android mobile app starting January 15th. At the moment the Wish Upon a Jackpot casino slot is available in Germany.
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