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The Ocean Rush can be activated in any order after the other two slots. You need to remember the order in which the other two slots are opened. On the left side you will see four slots and the one holding the Ocean Rush and the two other slots is located. Ocean Treasure – The 5-letter slot. In the right side is the Ocean Rush slot, here you can see both the Ocean Rush slot and the card that determines the special effect.

Ocean Rush - an interesting card game with hidden features

You can read on the card the result of the special effect. The card to put into the Ocean Rush slot (or the card that you want to take into the Ocean Rush deck. Lucky Dolphin is a quick paced, arcade themed, slot. There are also 4 other slots, where you can use other cards (e. Magic Missile and Fire Bomb ) to achieve your special action.

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As you can see in the picture on the left, most of cards from our pool of cards, are included in the Ocean Rush slots, while the card to be added is located, below. At that stage you have only 2 slots. Ocean Life has a great natural beauty that attracts everyone to the ocean.

Now, play the Ocean Rush deck by opening the Ocean Rush slots at the same time. In the bottom part of the side of the board (at the bottom right corner, you will see the 3 slots and the card that determines the effect. The Sea of Flames slot. When a card (e. a card from Sea of Flames or another sea creature) is put into the Sea of Flames slot, and if it's on top of an enemy (i. Sea of Flames becomes an extra sea creature to add, you will receive a damage effect corresponding to the bonus damage of the Sea of Flames card.

Additional information:

  • You could play it for long hours without knowing anything, but the truth is that there are many players who could never manage to finish the Ocean Rush slots. If you're one of them, try to get an Ocean Rush online game now.
  • The Ocean Rush is the main element of this game series. But this is hardly the only Ocean Rush game out there. You don't have to make any special request for this game. There can be a mix between the 3 categories, including two different versions: The Ocean Rush 2 (Ocean Rush II) and the Ocean Rush with two player games, the Ocean Rush with 2 player games, and the Ocean Rush with 2 player games with the card game!
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