Emperor of the Sea

Emperor of the Sea

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The artwork for Emperor of the Sea is just delightful! Emperor of the Sea is also the first title to utilize an updated version of the popular "Turtle Game" gameplay style that has been around for years. Emperor of the Sea is one of the most entertaining games in the Monstercat catalog. Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth is very simple to play. When playing from a mobile or tablet device, the simple, yet powerful graphics deliver a refreshing fresh take on the classic slot and growgame genre that has stood the test of time. While Emperor of the Sea is a relatively simple game, there is an endless amount of game variants that can be enjoyed - the endless variations of growth, cards, and playtime will have players itching to play it through for years to come.

Emperor of the Sea

With Emperor of the Sea, there are some definite "play styles" to choose from. In addition to playing as Emperor, you can play as a Rebel, a Rebel with one card, or as a Rebel with one card, and so on. The Yay Bingo Welcome Bonus offers is valid until February 9, 2017 at 4.59pm GMT. Emperor of the Sea is a fun, yet quick paced, online microgame of growth and card control designed for players of all skill levels. For the player that loves a long, flowing game, Emperor of the Sea is perfect for them.

For the player that knows how to play on the go, Emperor of the Sea gets even easier on mobile and tablets, where a little mouse and keyboard might even be acceptable.

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