How to Play 5-line Bingo?

That's why our sites list the best sites where you can get £5 deposits without getting caught – but if you get caught for any reason, the first £5 deposit bingo you do get back could be much less than the usual £50 if you use a major payment method such PayPal or Boku. You can always check the latest £5 deposit bingo sites on this handy post. Bingo Liner can help you to make sure the game plays really well. There are usually two types of 'free bingo' sites.

The 'free' sites give you nothing – which we think is a very sad state of affairs. So if you find the free sites are usually free, you could do much worse – in fact we think they're usually the best sites – but a bad decision can easily result in an instant £50 charge by the bank if you're caught for any reason at the deposit or £50 charge sites you've not bothered to research. The Coral Bingo bonus series offers up some new additions to the games area in terms of a new way of playing. When we say 'free, we mean the sites don't charge you for the bonus. You can choose to pay £5 or spend £5 and get nothing.

The £5 deposit bingo site offers the same option of using any of the £4, 4 deposit sites available online in the £5 deposit bingo box instead.

So for example, if you pay £5 with Paypal we don, get £50 for those who choose to play free bingo and there is no charge. However, there are also a few sites – including a number of £5 deposit bingo sites – that charge you a fee to play in those 'free' spots. So if you find yourself playing 'free' on those sites without doing any due diligence first, we'd advise not paying to play in the bingo slots in any of these free sites, as there's a good chance you will find yourself paying your banking fees. Bingo Hall is the only site that is specifically geared towards poker in a relaxed atmosphere. But why would they charge you £5 – just to play a few free slots?

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As we've mentioned, there are the £5 deposit bingo sites where you have a chance of getting £50 if you pay. Those sites can be much more profitable than those no deposit sites, especially for users who are not very familiar with the sites or just want to play a quick few spots before getting lost in the mazes. Bingo Knights offers real money, real-world prizes and is a game-changer in the bingo game industry and we have something to offer you. For the best chances of winning a £50 bonus, we don't recommend any of the £4+ deposit bingo sites - but the £10+ sites we have listed are some of the best bets in this category. As always, if you've got any further questions about playing to win a £5 deposit bingo prize, please get in touch with us.

How to Play Bingo

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For those who don't find it very helpful at all to be asked for your bank details and the amount of the deposit, just simply scroll back up and get a £5 deposit bingo site without any fees and penalties attached. We've had a lot of inquiries from you about how to play some free slots whilst being protected for the bank fee. There's two primary options: 1. The Bingo on the Box Loyalty website is always running, if you choose to check it out on your phone. You can play one free bingo for each £5 of your deposit.

The £5 deposit bingo sites that you do agree to accept are for customers who pay on a basis where the rate does not exceed the cost of their deposit.

While this can be cheaper than playing a no deposit bingo with nothing, the bonus is not worth the cash if you get caught – so it's unlikely to be worth the risk. 2. You can pay all your bingo bills via PaySafeCard with any regular amount of money – usually £10 to £30 per month - for a free, 5 bingo guarantee. It's not quite as quick as the option above, but more secure and there are some great sites out there that can ensure no charge for the bonus on top of this free bingo guarantee.

Final thoughts:

  • And no – there’s no money-back guarantee! The £5 deposit bingo sites can still take money-back – but they will give you a £5 refund, after they have checked your deposit and verified that its correct.

    So there you have it – a few tips for all the £5 deposit bingo sites you might want to try. As mentioned, these are all a good way of making money, but there's no guarantee that they'll work out well for you in the long run, so it isn't necessarily something everyone should be using – but if you are thinking of it though, just make sure you've got at least 100 hours of free-to-air TV for your first few bingo nights – that should help.

  • So, here are 4 sites that won our deposit 5 Bingo sites award for 'Best Bingo Sites To Play Online' from a huge variety of reviews. Don’t believe the word’of‧ our recommendation that they should be your first choice for your next Bingo game.

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