Miracle Strip Amusement Park

About Miracle Strip Park

The original Miracle Strip Amusement Park that was a much loved part of Panama City Beach for many years, closed in 2004. In 2009, we bought the original Carousel that still sat under the show pavilion in a derelict tractor-trailer on the original MSAP property and moved it to Pier Park. After having a wonderful first season, in 2010 we then bought the 2 remaining rides from MSAP, the Balloon Race and the Red Baron Ride. After much searching, we found the same make and model Big Eli Ferris Wheel in California since we could not buy the original MSAP Ferris Wheel. All rides were refurbished and brought back to their original glory keeping the feel of yesteryear and Miracle Strip Park was born. In 2011, we added a Scrambler and Tilt-a-Whirl as requested by our customers.

After the end of our 2013 season, we grew even more, and moved our property about 200 feet from where we resided within Pier Park. Our new location is 14 acres, and contains amazing scenery, a beautiful bridge separating the two sides of our park, and of course, the rides! We added many new rides since our original opening in 2009, and plan on doing so every year.

You will find that our park is quaint and surreal with beautiful hanging baskets filled with gorgeous flowers. Beauty abounds everywhere you look within our park. We pride ourselves on not just being a typical amusement park. In fact, we consider our park to be a “park with amusements”. We want each and every customer to be amazed not just by our rides, but by the landscaping as well. Each year we hope to add something new and we know many of you wait with much anticipation!

The original Miracle Strip Amusement Park had a special place in many people's hearts. We will never be as big or try to be like the great amusement park they created; we know that it cannot be replicated. We at Miracle Strip Park hope to help you and your family make new memories from riding rides from your youth among beautiful landscaping and a view of the Gulf. Come out and enjoy an evening among all the lights and beauty and step back in time. We promise you will enjoy it!

Our Rides:

•1964 Allen Herschell Carousel
•1985 Zamperalla Balloon Race
•1975 Big Eli Ferris Wheel
•1952 Allen Herschell Red Baron
•1975 Eli Bridge Scrambler
•1991 Sellner Tilt-a-Whirl
•1980 Sea Dragon
•1949 Allen Herschell Car Ride
•1969 Allen Herschell Boat Ride 
•1978 Zamperla Tea Cups
•1937 Jolly Caterpillar
•1969 Swing Sharks
•1966 Chance Trabant
•1975 Eyerly Rock O Planes
•1968 Eyerly Bullet
•1970 SDC Galaxi Coaster (RipTide)
•1966 Floyd & Baxter Bumper Cars


Miracle Strip Train
Batting Cages
Kiddie Bumper Boats

Miracle Strip Amusement Park ® 284 Powell Adams Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32413